Slow-fermented Sourdough, Clean Pastas & Pastries-Perfect Holiday Hack for Entertaining & a Unique Gift!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Lately, I’ve personally been on the hunt for excellent quality sourdough bread, pastries and pastas. I’m a busy Mom, but I’m also a Foodie! I just don’t have the time to consistently bake my own bread and make my own pastas. Can you relate? We reserve that family activity for special occasions, with the exception of my Focaccia Bread Art. That is a fast bread to make, and I teach classes where we create beautiful floral landscapes to adorn the top. But with everyday breads and pastas, I was at a loss.

Being health conscious, and a mostly plant-based eater, I prefer foods to be whole or have very few, high-quality ingredients. Wildgrain fit the bill! It is difficult to find this from grocery stores. Small-artisan bakers and pasta makers from all over the country make these delights, and I feel good about supporting that! The sourdough specifically is what I was seeking out to begin with, and here are the reasons why, from Wildgrain:

A sourdough bread starter is a fermented mixture
of flour and water, which also contains colonies of
bacteria and yeast. The yeast in sourdough
starters are the wild relative of yeast used in
commercial bread baking – hence the name
Wildgrain! The fermentation process used to make
sourdough bread provides so many unique health
-It digests the majority of the gluten in the bread
-It contains lactic acid, helping your body absorb more nutrients
-It contains prebiotics, keeping your gut biome healthy

So, onto the review! The sourdough is delicious and bakes up just like your favorite bakery, but right from frozen! I received three different kinds of sourdough- Traditional, Cranberry Pecan, and Rosemary Garlic. They arrived just in time for my father in-law’s visit, which was meant to be, as he is a well-known bread connoisseur! We joke about this, but he has 100% earned that title from his years of being a vegetarian and seeking out the most delicious breads. Wildgrain certainly earned his approval.

Pastas and Pastries, oh my!

Another clean option I was looking for was pasta and pastries. The Tonnarelli and Fettuccine cooked up aldente and paired perfectly with my Pistachio Orange Arugula Pesto! Recipe and video HERE.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and Croissants were included in this box of deliciousness and they are just the right addition to a holiday or special occasion table.

What’s included & How much is a Wildgrain Box or Subscription?

Wildgrain offers a Mixed Box, which includes a variety of artisinal breads and pastries, as well as hand-cut pastas., The Bakery Box includes Breads and Pastries only. Both options are $89/month or /box. and come with an offer of FREE croissants for life if ordered by November 30th! Take $10 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box with code FRESHFOODIEMAMA

If you are thinking about unique and delicious gifts this year, Wildgrain would be an unexpected, yummy surprise for those on your list. It also takes some of the entertaining stress off your plate, by always having bakery fresh breads and artisinal pastas on hand. You can purchase a one time box or a subscription, whatever fits your needs.

Wishing you the warmest of wishes this holiday season!

Buon Appetito,

Sara ~ Fresh Foodie Mama~


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