Monogrammed Family Meal Boards

Now, more than ever are family meals a key component to the health and well-being of families! My passion is to help families get to the table and stay awhile, and why I started creating Family Meal Boards!

Hello, My name is Sara Stewart! I’m wife to Brad, and a Mom of three; Nico, Gio, and Valentina. 

The journey to launching my blog, Fresh Foodie Mama started as far back as I can remember. Coming from an Italian family meant I was always in the kitchen, dining room, and my Grandfather’s garden. I hoped my children would eat home-cooked meals like I did, and share in the rich traditions that brought us all to the kitchen and the dining table. This got me thinking seriously about how I could help others do the same! It has allowed me to bring my love of working with families, as well as my love of food and nutrition together for this passion project!

My Great Grandmother, Aquilina, was from Intradacqua, in the Abruzzi region of Italy. She would prepare polenta, pour it on a table-sized board, and everyone would eat off of the board!  It was my most favorite family dinner of my childhood! I have fond memories of my Great Aunt Mary carving the boot of Italy out of the polenta in her section of the polenta. And I really mean HER section. You wouldn’t dare dip into anyone else’s area! The beauty of polenta on the board is that everyone can have it the way they like it, and it’s a fun, family experience you enjoy together! Aside from our traditional polenta, we explore lots of different cultural cuisine on the board. Banh Mi Board Night, Burrito Board, Brunch Board, Charcuterie, Vegan Board, Taco Board, Baked Potato Board, Lowcountry Boil on the Board, Shrimp and Grits, and even your favorite picnic on the board in your backyard!

This prompted me to start creating Family Meal Boards. I made 4 ft long, rectangular boards, round boards with handles and lazy Susans, and reversible game boards! Eat on one side, then flip the board and play a family game to stay at the table even longer! You can view some of the fun boards I’ve made below. This prompted me to start food-styling and teaching others how to do it as well! Although I’m no longer making these boards, you can check out one of my classes HERE and learn how to style a board!