Banh Mi on the Board

It’s no secret that our family eats several meals each week off of our Family Meal Board. What’s a Family Meal Board, you may ask. It’s a table-sized board that the whole family eats off ! You likely have seen cheese boards and charcuterie boards, but these larger boards are inspired by my Italian family’s tradition of eating Polenta off the board. See my post about that here! We eat polenta, Lowcountry boil, taco bar, brunch bar, and potato bars to name a few.

Tonight we are doing a Banh Mi Board. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese-style Sandwich. We make it several different ways, and although not completely authentic by any means, it’s completely delicious!

We serve it either with poached or grilled chicken or pork, or go completely vegan with my Vegan Meatballs!

Banh Mi Salad topped with Vegan Meatballs—Packed with healthy ingredients like mushrooms, walnuts, chia, and organic oats; it’s all good!

Banh Mi Salad

10 oz bag of organic julienned carrots (or cut your own)
4 organic mini cucumbers cut into matchsticks, skin on
Handful of fresh cilantro, mint, and basil
1/8-1/4 cup coconut sugar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
Pink Himalayan salt and pepper to taste
Favorite Asian sauce for drizzling (I used Hoisin)

Add the veggies to a large bowl, top with vinegar and sugar. Combine thoroughly and let marinate a bit. At least 15 minutes to soften veggies slightly. Top with vegan meatballs and your favorite Asian sauce.

If making sandwiches, you’ll want to grab your favorite rolls or a large loaf of Italian or French bread and cut it horizontally. Spread with mayo, top with veggies, meat or vegan meatballs, fresh cilantro and mint. Again, you’ll want to top with your favorite Asian sauce. Tamari, fish sauce, ponzu, teriyaki, garlic chili Sauce and Hoisin Sauce are great options!


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