Juice Plus+ & Tower Garden

Juice Plus+ is an incredible product that I’m so glad I got introduced to back in 2006. I was giving a chair massage to the sweetest woman named Daphne at a Chiropractic office in Pawley’s Island, SC. We were chatting about our lives, and discovered we were both certainly involved in health and wellness. She began to describe this amazing product, that consisted of 20 fruits and vegetables, juiced and made into capsule form without the use of high heat methods to destroy their vital nutrients. I was definitely intrigued. Isolated vitamins and minerals aren’t an ideal choice for optimal health. I’ll save an in-depth explanation of why, in an additional blog post!

What caught my attention even more was that Dr. William Sears takes and recommends this product to his pediatric patients! My Masters is in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Family Support and Parenting Education, and during my studies, I learned much about Dr. Sears and highly respect him. Another extremely important aspect for me is that Juice Plus+ is so widely researched! There are more than 40 clinical, peer reviewed studies that show the effectiveness of this product. REVIEW RESEARCH HERE!

I had to learn more about Juice Plus+ and that’s just what I did! Daphne and I met again and I was totally ready to start taking Juice Plus+; as I knew as much as I try to eat well, I wasn’t getting the recommended 9-15 fruits and vegetables a day, everyday. Taking Juice Plus+ would help give me the assurance that I would always get enough!

My whole family takes Juice Plus+!, and I have never looked back! There are so many exciting things about Juice Plus+ I will be sharing on this blog. I feel an obligation to share this information that can be so incredibly helpful on your quest to better health!

To learn more right now, visit my JuicePlus+ website at HERE and my Tower Garden website HERE

Cheers to your health,

~SARA~Fresh Foodie Mama


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