Fleeting Summer Blueberry Kiwi Pie!

I am not a baker...there, I've said it. I love to cook, but baking, especially pies and cakes, has never been my thing. I love to eat  and create clean desserts, and have come across the Immaculate Baking Company line of pre-made items like cookies, pie crusts, crescent rolls, etc. and they are amazing! Especially… Continue reading Fleeting Summer Blueberry Kiwi Pie!


BLT Stuffed Avocados

BLT Stuffed Avocados! Definitely making them again!  3 Avocados 1/2 lb bacon cooked and chopped 1 tomato chopped 1/4 lettuce the shredded 1/4 mayo 1/4 cup smoked Gouda cheese chopped small Sea salt and pepper to taste Slice each avocado in half and remove pit. Combine all ingredients and spoon into avocados. Cook at 425… Continue reading BLT Stuffed Avocados