It’s Not Too Late! 9 DIY Costume Ideas for Family, Kids, and Expecting Mamas!

IMG_3286Are you thinking it’s way too late to be thinking about a cute family costume, or something unique for your little ones? Are you expecting and still want to be included in the fun? I’ve got you covered!

Here are 9 low-cost costume ideas I’ve done with no sewing!

First up are the Family Costumes. Ya’ll, these are so fun to make and I have gotten so many compliments on them over the years!

Sushi Family: For the shrimp sashimi costume I wore, you can get an egg crate-type mattress topper for under $10 at Walmart. Cut it in the shape of a shrimp tail, and spray paint it orange and white. Finally, pin a piece of green fabric (felt is cheap and works great) around your belly, attaching it to the tail. DONE! Sushi Rolls: You’ll need to get a few items from the craft/fabric store or Walmart for this. Large, black or dark green fabric you can use as the seaweed. You’ll also need some packing peanuts. At the time, my oldest son was 2 1/2 and the baby was 4 months. I didn’t need much fabric for them, but you’ll need to measure the person you’re making it for to be sure you have enough fabric. However, I’m a no-sew kind of girl, so I took the fabric and estimated how much I may need to make a roll for each of their sizes, and hoped for the best! Then, I hot glued the roll seems together to make a cylinder shape. I cut a hole for the neck, arms, and legs…freestyle 😉 The last part is to draw or print out the fish and wasabi center of the sushi roll on a paper plate or cardboard circle. This will then be hot glued to fit the ends of the sushi roll. Finally, you will hot glue the packing peanuts around the fish center. You may lose a few during the night, but no worries, it’s still adorable! To complete the family costume, my husband was the sushi chef. He is notorious for finding items at home to complete his costume! He wore black clothing with a black apron and carried some soy sauce, and seaweed in the apron pocket. DONE!

Lobster, Chef, and Diner: Everything for this cute number was super-easy, but the lobster costume was bought. If you’d like to attempt without buying the lobster costume, I would buy red tights/pants/leggings, and a shirt, then make lobster claws and tail out of red felt. I would hot glue those suckers too! You could make some antennae with red pipe-cleaners attached to a headband. Grab a lobster bib from a local restaurant, a large pot from your cabinet, and a white chef coat or or apron and you’ve got the complete look!


Costumes for Expecting Mamas: Here’s a few for those Mamas that want to dress up too!

Bun in the Oven: I used a cardboard box covered with foil. Cut out a hole to step into the box, as well as for the front and top back of the oven. Make sure to leave room at the front to place some  black pipe cleaner burners. Just shape them like a coil and hot glue them to the top. My husband, as usual made out with an apron as his costume! We just wrote “Bun Maker” on that. DONE!

3 Little Pigs:  This was pretty simple to pull off! We painted my belly with some pink lipstick for one little piggy, and I grabbed a pig snout/ears/tail set from Walmart for the second little piggy. My son dressed up as the third little piggy (the smart one with his cardboard blocks representing his house was made of bricks, not shown). His costume was bought, but we could have easily just made it with the same little snout/ear/tail set I had plus pink shirt and pants.  If you have another child, or Dad wants to dress up too, you can add the Big Bad Wolf mask. DONE!

Milk Man, 50’s Housewife, and Baby Cow!: I was newly pregnant with our second child, and threw together another easy one–just my style! I used a vintage apron (with a wooden spoon in the pocket, a dress and some peep-toe heels. My husband got to use his trusty apron again, along with a white, button-down shirt, bow-tie, and a small basket with milk bottles. Our son was a calf to complete the family costume. It was a bought costume, but could easily be made wearing all white and cutting out black spots to attach. We did this for Cow Appreciation Day at Chic-fil-A 😉 DONE!


And finally for the kids costumes! These were so much fun to make!

Cabbage Patch Kid:  My daughter was the cutest little Cabbage Patch Kid! The only thing that I bought was the wig off of ETSY, but you could probably make one in a pinch with yarn covering a a winter hat and pulled into pigtails. The rest was so easy, as all I needed was a large cardboard box to fit over her stroller. I covered it in green tissue paper and printed a Cabbage Patch logo to stick to it. you could also print one to stick to a onesie, but I did purchase the onesie with the logo on it. DONE!

Scarecrow: I cannot take credit for this gorgeous tutu dress, that would be the very talented LD Tutus. However, you could buy an inexpensive tutu with a brown tank top or halter top, and hot glue a large sunflower to it. I made the burlap hat by laying out burlap and shaping into a cone and hot glueing it at the seem. I added leaves and ribbon to fancy it up a bit. Add a little face paint and DONE!

Little Old Lady (AKA Sophia Petrillo)– My very favorite show is the Golden Girls, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my daughter dress up like Sophia Petrillo! There is something so incredibly funny about little ones dressed up like this! So this was literally so easy to make. Just take a winter hat and hot glue cotton balls all around to create the wig. Get some Dollar Tree readers with the holder to wear around the neck. A dress, tights, and a cardigan is all you need for the clothes. You can create a cane or walker with pvc pipe and DONE!

Ice Cream Cone and Truck: The Ice Cream Cone was just a triangle cut out of cardboard and hot glued onto a white onesie. The ice cream is just batting or cotton stuffing hot glued onto the shirt, along with pipe cleaner sprinkles. The truck was, you guessed it, a cardboard box with holes cut out for the head, neck, and arms. I printed out different types of ice cream to stick on the truck, and used tape to outline the windows. There were  black paper plate wheels also attached. DONE!

I hope you have enjoyed these costumes as much as I did making them! Please share the homemade costumes you’ve made in the comments, I can’t wait to see!

Happy Halloween

Sara ~Fresh Foodie Mama~


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