Easy and Inexpensive DIY Design and Fill Your Own Travel Mug!


Here’s a really simple DIY holiday gift for a variety of those on your list! These Design Your Own Travel Mugs at the Dollar Tree are an adorable and versatile gift that kids and adults will both enjoy! There are Christmas specific mugs that have red lids and holiday coloring sheets included, or there are mugs with black lids. The one I got at my local Dollar Tree is orange and included flower and hot air balloon coloring sheets. I made my own little print out with a saying that reads ” May Your Coffee Be Strong And Your Leggings Soft”, and I included a pair of coffee leggings.

Leggings in a Mug:If you like what I have done with the leggings in the mug, it is really simple. img-3734


  • Take the lid off the mug, and flip the lid upside down. Place the mug right into the lid, it fits perfectly!
  • Find a saying or image and print onto paper. Cut the paper to the size of the existing paper inserts so they fit just right.
  • Fold your leggings in half and lay them on a table or floor. Roll them from ankle to waist.
  • Place the leggings into the mug
  • Add a festive bow and gift tag

As you can see below, I have added a photo to show another option. This is a great way to show appreciation for loved ones, teachers, students, friends, etc!


These are the perfect gift for large groups, and they are just $1! You can buy them by the case with special Black Friday Flat Rate Shipping of $4.95! I love this idea for teachers to give their students since the kids will love that they can showcase their creativity!

Share what you have done or plan to do with these travel mugs this holiday season!

~Sara~ Fresh Foodie Mama



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