$10 Flip Flop Wreath Tutorial!

As back to school sales and even Halloween decorations are popping up everywhere, a reminder that SUMMER IS STILL HERE is necessary!

Honestly, just like all summers do, this one flew by so quickly and was filled with lots of fun. I made this flip flop wreath back in June, but I’m just getting around to posting it now! However, it may just be the perfect time to make it since supplies are on sale everywhere!

The inspiration for this wreath was from the Dollar Tree. They had something posted near the flip flops, but I couldn’t find the tutorial online, so I thought I’d create one on my own. It truly is an easy and low cost craft that anyone can accomplish, even someone like me that has never attempted a wreath of any kind!


  • 1 foam poster board
  • 8 pair of flip flops 4 kids size and 4 adult size
  • 4, 6 inch square pieces of burlap
  • Decorative burlap ribbon
  • Starfish or sea shells (optional)
  • Hot glue

1. Start by cutting a circle out of the foam board. You can do it free hand or use a template. I clearly did it free hand 🤣, and my kids drew all over it first!  It doesn’t need to be perfect because you will be covering it with burlap and flip flops.



2. Hot glue the burlap over the foam circle. Again,  it doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to cover.

3. Assemble the flip flops around the outside without gluing them first so you can see just how you would like them. Alternate the adult and kids flip flops to give it s star burst look. Once you have them the way you would like, use the hot glue to attach them. Use some on the back of the flip flop and directly on the burlap.


4. Tie ribbon in a bow and hot glue to the top center.



5. Hot glue any decorative accents like star fish or sea shells



Enjoy your summery creation!

~Sara~ Fresh Foodie Mama




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