Healthy Halloween Scarecrow Snack!

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So my son is obsessed with these mini sweet peppers! After he had 5, stuffed with cream cheese, I thought, I should make something cute with these! They are stuffed with cream cheese, but they could be stuffed with anything you like. Hummus, salsa, re-fried beans, the possibilities are endless!!!

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Mini Sweet peppers

Cream cheese

Blueberries or olives for eyes

Kale chips,  seaweed, shredded cheese or shredded coconut for the straw around the neck

Cheese stick, carrot sticks or pretzel sticks for arms

Grape tomato for head

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Cut the top of the pepper off and remove seeds if there is any. Stuff pepper with cream cheese. Slice a grape tomato in half and insert into cream cheese vertically to make the head. Break a pretzel stick in half and insert into the cream cheese beside the head on either side for the arms.  If using a cheese stick, slice a thin piece and fray the edges a bit for hands and insert into cream cheese. use leftover scraps from pepper top to create a smile and nose. Use a dab of cream cheese to stick to the face. Slice a blueberry or olive into tiny pieces and stick to face with a dab of cream cheese. Top with left over pepper top as a hat.




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