Juice Plus+ as a Prenatal


So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been taking Juice Plus+ since 2006! I’ve decided that during this pregnancy I would only take Juice Plus+ and add the Juice Plus Complete Shakes to my diet as well. I took prenatals with my first two pregnancies,  along with JP+ but I’m still not sure why. Since taking JP+ I’ve learned that synthetic, isolated vitamins, were not something I was interested in taking, so why would I do it during pregnancy!!! I feel that if we have some kind of deficiency in a certain area, perhaps something might be needed, but not if there is a healthy diet, and  you’re getting a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients  from whole food. They work together in synergy which is how our bodies were meant to absorb them!  If you take a standard multivitamin, those are a bunch of isolated vitamins put together and they don’t work in synergy like in whole food. It makes so much sense! That’s just what Juice Plus+ is, whole food! I can’t stress enough, how important it is to me that there has been so much JP+ research done. Over 40 peer-reviewed studies  at leading hospitals and universities around the world!

So back to my pregnancy regimen….I wish I had talked further about it with my OBGYN with my previous two pregnancies, but I didn’t. I just took the prenatals along with my JP+. However, this time I mentioned to him that I made the change to NO prenatals this time,  since I wouldn’t take synthetic vitamins if I weren’t pregnant. His response was priceless to me! He said “Prenatals are bull shit”! He validated that if you have a healthy diet, you shouldn’t be deficient in anything! I pointed out that the folate (natural form of folic acid) is plentiful and bioavailable in JP+! I left my appointment feeling at ease in my decision!

So, I also mentioned above, that I use the Juice Plus + Complete Shakes. They are wonderful and everyone in my family is enjoying them….Especially the Dutch Chocolate with a scoop of peanut butter! Let me share with you a little information about the Shred10. It’s a wonderful cleansing, rejuvenating program that is based on whole food Juice Plus+ products. Please watch the video below of Dr. Mitra Ray, who developed it, and let me know if you have any questions. She is such an inspiration, and it was her pregnancy story and advice that helped me to realize that JP+ is the ” Mercedes-Benz of prenatals”.  If you are looking to Shred undesireable habits, add some great ones, or just get healthier, Shred10 is the way to go!


I would be honored to help you on your journey to optimal health!  Visit  my Juice Plus website and don’t hesitate to ask any questions! Please  also share this with anyone who might find it inspiring!

Cheers to your health,

~SARA~ Fresh Foodie Mama


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