Week 5 Results, 1/3 of the Way There!

This is tough to post, but this is real. This is what Diastasis Recti looks like after 3 children. I'm thrilled to have just started week 5 of the MuTu 12 Week Program. I feel so much stronger and connected to my core, and have definitely begun healing! My gap has decreased from a 3+… Continue reading Week 5 Results, 1/3 of the Way There!


Juice Plus+ as a Prenatal

So as I've mentioned before, I've been taking Juice Plus+ since 2006! I've decided that during this pregnancy I would only take Juice Plus+ and add the Juice Plus Complete Shakes to my diet as well. I took prenatals with my first two pregnancies, ¬†along with JP+ but I'm still not sure why. Since taking… Continue reading Juice Plus+ as a Prenatal