MuTu System

My MuTu journey has JUST begun, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get here! I’m a Health and Parent Educator, and focus so much on helping others that self care  hasn’t been a priority–Until NOW!

I recently saw a funny post on Facebook where a Mom posted  a picture of herself with the caption “Pregnant or Period?” I laughed, and thought, yeah I totally get that! I have this Mama pooch and it always bloats out,  no matter what time of the month, and especially after eating. I chalk it up to motherhood, having 3 children, and always felt it was just a long-term side effect. I quickly could get back into my old clothing after my third pregnancy, but my waist was a problem. Enter my Buskins Leggings and their saving grace! As much as I love them and how I can wear a nice long tunic to cover my waist, it has been just concealing the problem.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud of what my body has been through and what it has accomplished, but I don’t have to love the battle wounds! My children are the constant, beautiful reminder of that experience, and my body doesn’t have to show the tell tale signs.

So as I read the comments under this Mom’s post about her belly, I kept coming across women who mentioned Diastasis Recti. I had to check it out and see if it was something that I might be dealing with. I immediately found information on how this is something rarely diagnosed, but very commonly seen in women postpartum, especially after multiple pregnancies. It can also occur with anyone who goes through extreme weight gain and loss. It also doesn’t mater how long ago you had your last baby- I’m 2 years postpartum!

The Rectus Abdominis is the muscle that runs from the breast bone down to the pubic bone, and forms the “6 pack” when there is an obvious one 😉 During pregnancy this muscle stretches and separates, and the Linea Alba (connective tissue in between) weakens. This can go back after pregnancy, but many times it does not. In fact, it can cause many problems like the bulging pooch, back pain,  and urinary leakage to name a few. You may have some or all of the symptoms. Take the Diastastis Recti Self Test HERE.

I found that I have about a 3-finger gap, and have been doing exercises that won’t help it and may actually make things worse because the connective tissue is so weak in between! Check me out below doing a back bend in yoga class. Big no, no for me!  Way too much pressure in a very weakened area! Traditional abdominal exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and certain yoga (ie. Upward Facing Dog, Cow Pose) and Pilates ( ie. planks, 100’s ) moves should be avoided when you are trying to heal a Diastasis Recti.

If this has peaked your interest so far, please do the Diastasis Recti Self-Check! It is a wonderful way to strengthen the core, lose belly fat, strengthen pelvic floor and correct alignment, all while healing the Diastastis Recti! There is focus on correct exercises, postural alignment and nutrition as well. The Food Guide is a wonderful whole-food focused plan, and it is an awesome addition to the way I fuel my body with plants with Juice Plus+!

I was lucky enough to figure this out, and my husband bought me the MutTu System for my Birthday! Mutu is running a 48 hour Mother’s Day sale of 20% all programs; won’t you treat yourself to the self-care you DESERVE this Mother’s Day? Check out the MuTu video below and enter Special Code: MOM20

Cheers to your health!

Sara ~Fresh Foodie Mama~


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