Week 5 Results, 1/3 of the Way There!

This is tough to post, but this is real. This is what Diastasis Recti looks like after 3 children. I’m thrilled to have just started week 5 of the MuTu 12 Week Program. I feel so much stronger and connected to my core, and have definitely begun healing! My gap has decreased from a 3+ finger gap to a 2 finger gap. I’m confident that it will continue to close as I near closer to the end of the 12 Week Program.

I will definitely continue to share my progress through this program, and I hope it will help others get reconnected with their core and so much more! If you’d like more information, please see my previous blog post on MuTu system, and visit the Mutu System website here.¬†

Cheers to your health,

Sara~Fresh Foodie Mama


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