Putting Self-Care First: Introducing Essential Oils into the Home

So what’s a Well-being Coach to do with a Christmas gift-card from her boss? Focus on Self-care, of course! I’m currently diffusing Thieves, Lemon, and Raven to get all the nasties out of this house! I don’t know about Y’all, but this winter has been no joke with upper-respiratory junk for us!

Desert Mist Diffuser

I’ve always been a big proponent of “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”, and”The Food You Eat Can Be Either the Safest and Most Powerful Form of Medicine, or the Slowest Form of Poison”. I have consistently taken Juice Plus+ for the last 12 years with the impressive and ever-growing body of research that supports it, and the common sense notion that fruit and vegetables are what our bodies are sorely lacking. I’ve also moved away from toxic products in the home and with personal care products, but hadn’t consistently used plants to enhance our health through our environment.

I’ve used essential oils here and there, and even studied aromatherapy when I was in Massage School ehem, 20 years ago, yikes! I clearly remember going to this little herb shop in Massachusetts and concocted whole Juniper Berries into what my Father dubbed “witchcraft” for my brother’s cold! I really do believe in the power of plants, and it makes so much sense for them to be introduced to our bodies in different ways. I even just flossed with Thieves dental floss. I’ve never been so excited to floss in my life, but with the recent studies of toxic chemicals in Glide dental floss that end up in the blood stream, our family switched!

Thieves Dental Floss

So today, I’ve made part of my New Year’s Resolution to put Self-Care first a reality and I’m thrilled to embark on a consistent oily journey! How have you put Self-care first this new year?

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Cheers to your Health,

Sara ~Fresh Foodie Mama~


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