Avocado Egg Salad!

This recipe was thought up on my way to  school pick-up. I was craving avocado and I love to stuff them with lots of different things.  Egg salad was the perfect stuffing! This is a mayo-free recipe as well as gluten-free. I added a handful of rice cracker on the side for dipping and crunch!


Avocado Egg Salad

1 Avocado

2 Eggs hard boiled

Handful of fresh herbs ( I used dill this time)

1 Tbs Coconut Oil

1 TBS Coconut Milk or any other milk or water to thin it out.

1 Tsp Chia Seed

Sliced almonds or other nuts for topping

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste


Hard boil the eggs. Cut avocado in half and place one half in a blender, food processor or Magic Bullet. Add herbs, chia seeds, coconut oil and milk, and salt and pepper and blend until smooth. Chop eggs and add avocado mixture to the eggs in a mixing bowl until incorporated. Scoop egg salad into other half of avocado and serve with rice crackers on the side.

Buon Appetito! ~Fresh Foodie Mama~




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